Established in 1995, Dr. Narayanachar S. Murali and his team have been providing consultative and procedural Gastroenterology services to Orangeburg and all the surrounding counties. We are located close to the Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg, SC.

In February 2006, we expanded our services to include a fully equipped, accredited office endoscopy center. The DIGESTIVE ENDOSCOPY CENTER was started to meet the local need for office-based digestive endoscopy services. This is an attractive option for those needing non-emergency GI endoscopy. Our Endoscopy Center is housed in a very contemporary, aesthetic, new wing that was designed for patient safety, privacy, and comfort. It features state-of-the-art endoscopic equipment, new-generation automated scope processing and patient monitoring equipment, digital imaging technology, continuous quality improvement and advanced data management techniques. All procedures are done by board certified Gastroenterologists. Our focus is on high quality, safe, comprehensive treatment in one sitting. Procedures are scheduled to reduce the waiting time to the minimum. The services are significantly less expensive than at any freestanding Ambulatory Endoscopy Center or at the hospital’s endoscopy department.