Diagnostic and therapeutic EGD, Colonoscopy, GI Cancer screening and follow up, Hemorrhoidal therapy, New-generation Capsule endoscopy services and ambulatory pH studies will be provided at the DEC. Patients needing complex therapeutics or extremely risky procedures will be managed at the hospital.

  • Procedures at the DEC are performed only by fully-trained, ABIM board certified Gastroenterologist(s). This is to ensure confident and thorough diagnosis, safe removal of difficult polyps and decreased risk and expense to the patient.
  • Procedures are scheduled so that patients/relatives do not have to miss work. The median time from entry to exit for endoscopic procedures is 40 minutes.
  • Patients will receive a detailed explanation of the endoscopy and histopathology findings including endoscopic and pathology photos at no cost. Similar information will be instantly transmitted to the referring doctor with appropriate recommendations.
  • In compliance with the new health IT trends, a secure digital file of their entire medical record will be provided to the patient at the cost of media (USB key). We can also send it as a secure digital file to an e.mail address. This might help to avoid medical errors and unnecessary investigations. We subscribe to the blue button philosophy ( www.healthit.gov/bluebutton )
  • Patients will receive a single bill that encompasses both the facility fee and the physician's technical component fee.
  • The biggest advantage to the patient is the provision of high quality consultative and procedural services under one roof for a significantly reduced price. This will save patients time and money spent in traveling to unfamiliar places for invasive procedures.
  • We accept all major insurances. We make a special effort to accommodate uninsured or indigent people.


The Digestive Endoscopy Center is accredited by the AAAHC (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Healthcare Centers).


Dr. Murali will provide full disclosure to the patient or attending physician(s) regarding his training, competence, complication rates, and outcomes analysis for each of the procedures. Endoscopy is just one of the things we do well at the Gastroenterology Associates of Orangeburg. We have established excellent outcomes with difficult problems like chronic viral hepatitis, chronic liver diseases, cost-effective therapy of inflammatory bowel disease, and superior outcomes with endoscopic therapy of acute GI bleeding, therapy of strictures, safe removal of complex polyps, celiac disease and management of GI motility disorders. We are one of the few centers offering patients the benefits of participating in clinical trials for Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis

http://www.drmurali.com or email: ceo@drmurali.com